Research and Clinical Interests

Dr. Hajdu is a surgical pathologist with a special interest in early detection, diagnostic accuracy and treatment stratification of the tumors of the pancreas, liver and gastrointestinal tract. She is involved in several collaborative research projects, including work on tumor angiogenesis and response to neoadjuvant treatment. Her clinical role includes active participation in patient care as a part of gastrointestinal and liver transplant team.

Selected Publications

Hajdu CH, Murakami T, Diflo T, Taouli B, Laser J, Teparman L, Petrovic LM. Intrahepatic Portal Cavernoma as an Indication for Liver Transplantation. Liver Transplantation. 2007 Sep;13(9):1312-16. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 17763385.

Liu Q, Hajdu C, Petrovic LM. Clinical Challenges and Images in GI. Solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas. Gastroenterology. 2007 Apr;132(4):1224, 1638. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 17428481.

Lim J, Yee H, Hajdu CH. Evaluation of Immunohistochemical Markers p63, 34BE12, CK7, TTF1 and EGFR in Lymphoepithelioma-Like Carcinoma of the Lung. Modern Pathology [abstract]. 2007;20(2):1495.

Akyol D, Hajdu C, Ferber A, O'reilly-Green C, Giancotti FR, Dorsett BH, Opher E, Divon MY. Fine-Needle Aspiration in the Evaluation of Nucleated Red Blood Cells in the Human Placenta. Am J Obstet. Gynecol. 2003 Jul;189(1):155-8. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 12861155.

Gold JS, Antonescu CR, Hajdu C, Ferrone CR, Hussain M, Lewis JJ, Brennan MF, Coit DG. Clinicopathologic Correlates of Solitary Fibrous Tumors. Cancer. 2002 Feb 15;94(4):1057-69. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 11920476.

Hajdu C, Wahl SJ, Taskin M. Acute Inflammation Modifies CK7/CK20 Expression in Normal and Neoplastic Colonic Epithelium [abstract]. Modern Pathology. 2002;15(1):535.

Hajdu C, Akyol D, Farber A, Opher E, Divon MY. Placental FNA, a Novel Reliable Method for Evaluating Intrauterine Fetal Hypoxia [abstract]. Modern Pathology. 2002;15(1):A31:1293.

Ioachim HL, Hajdu C, Giancotti FR, Dorsett B. Lymphoid Proliferations and Lymphomas Associated with Gastric Metaplasia, Dysplasia, and Carcinoma. Human Pathology. 1999;30(7):833-42. Cited in Pubmed; PMID 10414503.

Organizational Associations

2000 American Medical Association; 2000 College of American Pathologists; 2000 United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology

Selected Awards

AMA, Physician's Recognition Award in Continuing Medical Education 2002-2005

Hospital Affiliations

Tisch Hospital
Bellevue Hospital